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Club Extractor Guidelines

The ABA is pleased to provide the use of its Brushy Mountain Compact Honey Extractor to its members.  To ensure that the equipment is available in good repair and when needed, members who use this equipment are asked to follow these guidelines in the use and care of our association’s honey extractor.  We have two available.  One in Mechanicsville making it convenient for those east of I-95; and one near Ashland for the convenience of those west of I-95.


a.     Use of the extractor will be on a “first come, first served” basis.

The Mechanicsville extractor can be reserved by contacting Amy or Rick Clark in advance:

The Ashland extractor can be reserved by contacting Ronnie Bolton in advance:

b.     At the time your reservation is confirmed, you will be notified of the individuals who have reserved the extractor immediately before and after your use period so you can contact them if needed for specific extractor scheduling or transportation planning.
c.      Members will be notified if either coordinator is planning to be out of town, and a back-up contact for extractor use will be identified.

2.     USE PERIOD:

a.     The extractor can be reserved for 2 days. The equipment must be returned no later than 8:00 p.m. of the second day.
b.     You may arrange an extension of your use period if no one else has reserved it by contacting the Clarks, or Ron Bolton or their back-up to make sure it is available.


a.     Members are responsible for the pick-up and return of the honey extractor from the Clarks or back-up. The Clarks address is 10386 Summer Hill Road, Mechanicsville, VA 23116. (This is in Studley.) Directions will be provided if needed. The Bolton address is 12491 Ashcake Road, Ashland, VA 23005.
b.     If another member has reserved use of the extractor before you, you may arrange to pick up the extractor from them, which may be more convenient or help you get the equipment quicker. Likewise, if another member has reserved use of the extractor after you, they may arrange to pick up the extractor from you. In either case, please notify the Clarks or Ron Bolton depending on which extractor you borrowed, or back-up promptly so we can keep track of where the extractor is.
c.      When transporting the extractor, please make sure it is secure in the vehicle, with the cover (black plastic bag) on to prevent dust from accumulating in the equipment.


a.     You are responsible for the proper operation and care of the honey extractor.
b.     Please make sure that the equipment is not subjected to careless or needlessly rough usage, and return the extractor in clean, good repair and operating condition.
c.      During operation, make sure that the honey extractor is not exposed to any pesticides, creosote, petroleum products, paint, toxic substances or anything that would react with honey or damage the extractor.
d.     When finished with the extractor, please clean it with hot water, being careful to avoid getting water into the gears.
e.     There is a loose ball bearing in the bottom of the basket shaft. Please make sure it doesn’t fall out when cleaning the extractor.
f.       The extractor should be covered when not in use.
g.     Basic instructions provided by Brushy Mountain will be attached to the honey extractor for your use. It is particularly important to keep the gate open during extraction. This will prevent honey from getting into the shaft of the extractor which could cause serious problems.
h.     The extractor is being provided by ABA for the convenience of its members, and ABA assumes no responsibility for any accident or issues that may arise as a result of your use of the extractor.