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Volunteer for 2017 EAS – Benefits for Volunteers!

Delaware is hosting the Eastern Apiculture Society's annual beekeeping conference at the University of Delaware on July 31 thru August 4 2017.

They are going to need about 75 volunteers to make it happen successfully. Please see attached volunteer list below and select activities that your members or you would like to help us with.  Please see benefits for volunteering below.

2017 EAS DE Volunteer Guidelines.

You must be a EAS member to attend the conference even if volunteering. Annual membership is $25. Can do this later this year.

If you volunteer for 4 hours, you can attend the conference for the remainder of the day for free.

If you volunteer for 8 hours, you can attend a second day of the conference for free and get a volunteer t-shirt, or you can split the 8 hours of volunteering and 8 hours of attending talks between two days.

If you volunteer for 16 hours, with 8 during (Mon,Tue) and 8 during (Wed,Thu,Fri) then you get free registration for either the Short Course (Mon,Tue,Wed) or the Main Conference (Wed,Thu,Fri). You also get a volunteer t-shirt.

If you volunteer for more than 16 hours at the conference, or if you are a 'super volunteer' that volunteers many countless hours during the year to support EAS 2017, then additional benefits may apply on a case by case basis.

All volunteers will be signing in each day during the conference week to log their volunteer hours and be given their assignment, hopefully one that is similar to your requested activity.  You will also be noting what times that day you will be spending as a 'conference attendee'  so that can be tracked as well.

Conference costs are as follows for those NOT volunteering:

One day conference fee $65
Short Course (Mon/Tue/Wed) $175
Main Conference (Wed/Thu/Fri) $175
Combined 5 days (Mon - Fri) $250

Please see attached volunteers list.  Note that some activities occur only during conference week and some require pre-conference work.  Please see column called DURATION with Conf-week or on-going as their entries.

If you choose to volunteer for an item, please provide me with category and volunteer description. In most cases, you will have to volunteer for a few items to get the number of hours you need for conference benefits.  First come first served.

Please see a few activities noted as 'need super volunteer'. Please consider these as well.  These will require a bit extra time, but need to be filled.  I cannot perform all of these duties, but I'm sure you can perform one challenging task.

There will be 'volunteer' conference calls in a month of so to further clarify tasks. We will need a lot of floaters during conference week to fill various activities.  If you are interested in just being a floater that week, please let me know as well.

I know that each item may not be clearly defined as its duties or even time it involves, but that will solidify as time goes on.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Volunteer List EAS 2017 version 1

Thank you

Bob Bauer
President EAS 2017

(302) 824-9090