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 Varroa mites:

Varroa mites are honey bees most serious pest.  They are responsible for the largest percentage of colony losses each year due to the viruses they transmit.  The Honey Bee Health Coalition is one of the best resources to use for understanding how to deal with varroa mites.  Their website contains a wealth of good information about improving and maintain honey bee's health.  Visit them at:

Be sure and download a copy of their latest Varroa Management Guide found under "How We Help Bees".  Look for Varroa Management.  They have excellent videos on how to test for varroa mite infestation levels and how to apply various treatments.

Beekeeping & Honey Labeling 101

Great information about proper labeling!  Follow this link:


Pollinator Protection

The Xerces Society

Pollinator Stewardship Council

Pesticide Environmental Stewardship