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Beekeeping Education

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Ashland Beekeepers Association has regrettably cancelled it's 2021 Bee School. We are sharing the following online courses as a courtesy only. We are not affiliated with, nor endorsing these courses. If you have any questions about education, please email us at:

Pennsylvania State University offers an on-line course called Beekeeping 101.

Ohio State offers webinars and course.

Education tips from the Ashland Beekeepers Association (ABA) education chair (when a Bee School is not available):
1) Take at least one of the online courses above to learn about equipment, bee biology, pests and disease, and general management.

2) Get a book or two which will cover the same topics, probably in more detail. ABA has several books which are used in our Bee School. Contact us if interested as we purchase in bulk and price is generally cheaper than you can find online.
Books we have available:
"The Beekeeper's Handbook" Sammataro and Avitabile
"Simple Smart Beekeeping" Traynor
"Beekeeping Basics" PennState
"A Field Guide to Honey Bees and Their Maladies" PennState

3) Go to Randy Oliver's website:
and in the left column on the homepage titled "What This Site Is About" look for the blue link "Basic Beekeeping" and follow it. Randy covers the aspects of getting started in a straight-forward, practical manner that lays out what works best, how to do it; along with a good bit of what it's actually like. The only adjustment to make is the calendar timeline he provides as it's based on his west coast, mountainous location. Adjust colony events earlier about a month and you will be fairly close to when things happen in Hanover Co. Randy's Basics is a recommended read to everyone, whether you take a class or not.